The Main Event

Finally after two years our boxing main event is back and we can’t wait!!

The Boxing Main Event is back

Our boxing event is an exhibition boxing match between Your Voice your Choice and Team Gemini. We have fifteen boxers that are hoping to win the trophies and raise money and awareness within our communities. The awareness we want to raise is disabilities have no limits. We hold our event at Hollies Hall in Halewood our event is set out like a professional debut.

All boxers are training weekly at Gemini boxing gym where the no limits approach is held they all train hard and try their best. The training is not only good for physical health but also emotional. We have noticed great benefits.

We all have a part in organising this event from designing tickets and posters to picking out walkout tunes and performing routines that have been rehearsed in weekly sessions in the centre i.e. drumming , singing , dance. Which we then perform live at this event.

Within the event all none boxers have jobs to do. Time keeping to ensure all bouts are fair. Corner person who helps boxers with gloves and head guards and water. We also have a ring person who enters the ring between rounds to tell us what round it is and lots more.

We get a lot of confidence out of this event, it helps us to build our team work and learn to organise events. We get lots of fun and new skills out of this.

Tickets are on sale now. Visit our website for details.

By Luke and Mark