The Big Clean Up

Our community and the environment is important to us. We have started a project to help keep our local area tidy.

Our Big Clean Up

At Your Voice your Choice we care about our environment and the community. We regularly go on walks locally to our parks and beaches. The big Clean-up is us cleaning up the littler in the parks using litter pickers. We take bags with us to put all the litter in as we care about the environment so much. We make sure that we leave no litter around we want our local communities to be nice and clean.

We are doing this because we want to enjoy our beautiful surroundings, protect wildlife and make our communities cleaner. When there is no litter you can see and enjoy flowers, beaches and trees. We also want to try and persuade people to put litter in bins and recycle. At the centre we have our own white recycling bins, and we recycle as much we can and we make our own compost.

We do this around the centre, the local area and our local parks and beaches.

In Sefton park we mostly found empty beer bottles and lots of plastic bottles. Locally and outside the centre we mainly found crisp packets and sweet wrappers.

Come on people do your bit!!

Please, please put your litter in the bin, recycle what you can. If bins are full take your rubbish home or leave it tidy next to the bin.

Blog by Luke and MarkĀ